New Jersey's red light cameras law expired on December 16, 2014. Good riddance. They were evil. Supposedly they were to promote safety.accident from red light camera What a crock. No study ever demonstrated that they enhanced safety. Quite the contrary: What they promoted was accidents, as cars stopped short to avoid one of those oppressive tickets. As everyone in New Jersey knows, the only reason for red light camera tickets was for two-bit municipalities to extort money from motorists.

Red light camera laws existed only because the vast majority of motorists would rather just pay the fine than spend time fighting the ticket in court. Numerous defenses exist. Democracy withers when people refuse to challenge unjust and oppressive laws such as these. We become more and more a nation of sheep. Thus do legal and constitutional protections slip through our fingers. Protections like due process. Protections like presumption of innocence.

Criminal Lawyers in New Jersey were available to fight red light camera tickets. If the tickets arose from an alleged violation in New Brunswick, Criminal Lawyers in New Jersey would put their money where their mouths were (so to speak): They would represent motorists for a fee the motorists could afford, even if what they could afford was zero. NJ red light camera traffic lawyer logo Criminal Lawyers in New Jersey™ remain ready to reextend this offer should red light cameras be readopted. They are also available to share their strategies with other lawyers helping to fight these abominations of justice on behalf of their clients.

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