From this page you can select stenographic transcripts from the trial of State of New Jersey v. Betty Riles, Middlesex County Indictment No. 139-01-98.  Because they are lengthy, the transcripts are presented for viewing in three separate portions.  This segmentation is mainly for ease of navigation, and to avoid excessive download time.

These are actual trial transcripts from the Superior Court of New Jersey, Law Division, Middlesex County.   Presenting the case for the State of New Jersey was Middlesex County Assistant Prosecutor Raymond Storch.  Presiding was Hon. Frederick P. DeVesa, J.S.C.  Representing Betty Riles was defense attorney Allan Marain.

The transcripts presented here are portions of the trial, not the entire trial.  Presented is the full direct testimony and cross-examination of New Brunswick Police Officer William Ewing.  Also included is the full direct testimony and cross-examination of State's narcotics expert Lt. Ronald Dixon.  In each case, direct examination is conducted by Asst. Pros. Storch, and cross-examination is conducted by Mr. Marain.  Redirect and recross, if any, is omitted.  Also presented is Mr. Marain's summation to the jury and, finally, the return of the jury verdict.

This transcript is presented for several purposes.  The transcript is intended to be instructive.  Readers see first hand what occurs during a trial, including discussions at side bar to which the jury and the general public are not privy.  This transcript also enables readers to evaluate Mr. Marain's trial methods.  Visitors are thus better able to determine whether Mr. Marain is right for their case, or whether they should consider other NJ criminal defense lawyers.

This transcript appears at this site with the permission of the defendant, Betty Riles.  Mr. Marain thanks Ms. Riles for that permission.

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